Carrot Halwa (Gajar Ka Halwa)

Carrot Halwa (Gajar Ka Halwa)

Gajar ka Halwa is traditionally made by cooking carrots in full cream milk till the milk reduces to ¼ in its volume with lots of ghee. Since this process is time taking some people add khoya or mawa to simplify the process of cooking. Halwa made out of this method also tastes equally good. Here i have done halwa using the traditional method.

  • 3 to 4 people
  • ½ hour
  • 1 hour


  • Carrots - 1 kg
  • Ghee - ½ cup
  • Sugar - 1 ¼ cup
  • Cardamom powder - ½ tsp
  • Full cream milk - 1 litre
  • Dry Fruits - chopped cashews and almonds


  1. Wash the carrots and allow them to dry.
  2. Grate the carrots.
  3. In a heavy bottom pan add 1 tbsp of ghee and roast chopped cashews and almonds.( I have not used raisins here you can always use them)
  4. Take the roasted dry fruits on a plate.
  5. In the same pan add the rest of the ghee and allow the ghee to become hot.
  6. When the ghee is hot, add grated carrots and fry them for 10 minutes in low flame or till the raw smell of carrots is gone.
  7. Now add milk to carrots and allow them to cook.
  8. The carrots should cook in milk and it will take around 40 to 45 minutes in low to medium flame.
  9. Keep stirring in equal intervals taking care not to burn carrots.
  10. Milk reduces slowly as the carrots are cooking. By this you can see milk forms the texture of mawa or khoya.
  11. When the carrots are cooked ¾ th add sugar and allow it cook till carrots absorb sugar ( I have used 1 ¼ th cup of sugar, you can always increase or decrease the quantity of sugar depending on how much of sweetness you like in your halwa)
  12. Now add cardamom powder and roasted dry fruits.
  13. When the halwa is cooked it starts to release ghee from the sides and also starts to leave the pan and forms a lump.
  14. Now delicious carrot halwa is ready to be served, garnish it with dry fruits and serve them.
  15. The speciality of this halwa is that you can eat it hot, or chilled with vanilla icecream it tastes delicious but yes you have to keep your diet aside if you are dieting.

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