Idli Chutney

Idli Chutney

One of our favourite breakfast is idly and is liked by everyone . Idly has carbohydrates and proteins , a perfect combination for a healthy breakfast ..Idli sambar and chutney go hand in hand and this combo is famous all over South is prepared with urad dal and rice or idli rava…let’s check the recipe to prepare soft idlies at home.

I have used mixer grinder to grind urad dal in this recipe. Idli Finely ground urad dal. Idli Idli batter in Idli stand Idli

  • 14-16 Idlis
  • 8-10 hours
  • 12 minutes


  • Urad dal - ½ cup
  • Idli rava - 1 ½ cup
  • Salt - 1 ½ tbsp


  1. Wash urad dal properly and soak it in water for around 6 to 7 hours .
  2. Wash idli rava properly and soak it in water for around 2 hours ( you can soak in lukewarm water for half an hour )
  3. Now drain the water from soaked urad dal and put the dal in mixer jar and add water only till the level of urad dal ( when we are grinding using mixer jar we should be careful about the amount of water we add for grinding dal )
  4. Grind the dal to a smooth paste
  5. Take a big vessel and in that add the urad dal paste and now squeeze out extra water from idli rava and add the entire quantity of idli rava to urad dal paste( squeeze water completely from idli rava before adding it , if the batter becomes watery it will be difficult for fermentation )
  6. Now mix it properly using your hand as the heat produced will be good for fermentation .
  7. Now keep the batter in warm place for fermenting ..( in colder areas you can warm the microwave for few seconds and keep the batter in microwave for good fermentation)
  8. Keep it overnight for fermentation in colder places it will take around 15 to 16 hours
  9. Morning the batter after fermentation would have become fluffy and raised in volume
  10. Add salt and mix it properly , keep the idli plates ready by smearing some oil or ghee to it .
  11. Keep water for boiling in cooker or idli stand , now put batter in each of cavity of idli plates ..
  12. Steam the idlies for 8 to 10 minutes in medium flame.
  13. Now hot soft idlies will be ready to be served with chutney and hot sambar.

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